Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food~Hippocrates

Adopt­ing health­ier eat­ing habits is one of the  most impor­tant changes you can make to improve your health, pre­vent dis­ease and in turn lead a hap­pier more ful­fill­ing life.

It does not mat­ter where you are in your jour­ney, whether you are a fast food junkie, over­weight or obese, have type II dia­betes, high cho­les­terol lev­els, or hyper­ten­sion, it is not too late and never too early to take con­trol of your health.

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physical activity

You may think of phys­i­cal activ­ity and exer­cise  sim­ply as a tool to speed up weight loss.  While it does burn some calo­ries, it does so much more for your over­all health and well­ness.  Not being phys­i­cally active has even been found to be harm­ful for your health.

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Well­ness is more than good nutri­tion and exer­cise, or not being sick, it is about actively adopt­ing a health­ier lifestyle. Well­ness is about tak­ing a proac­tive approach to your well-being, incor­po­rat­ing more than just your body but includ­ing mind and spirit.  Well­ness is about man­ag­ing stress, get­ting enough sleep and find­ing a healthy bal­ance of work and fun.  Well­ness is about find­ing the right bal­ance of healthy behav­iors that work for you.

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