Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

This ice cream reminds me of Jacques Torres’s spicy hot chocolate in New York City except, it’s better.  It’s lower in calories than regular ice cream and has a chocolaty, cinnamon-y flavor.  It surprises you with a slight spicy kick which comes from an unusual ingredient generally not found in ice cream- the pasilla chile.

*This recipe requires an ice cream maker, but if you love ice cream as much as I do, buying one will be a good investment.


1 large Pasilla chile, stemmed and seeded

1 1/2 cup (1 can) non-fat evaporated milk

1 1/2 oz of Mexican chocolate

3 oz semi-sweet chocolate

1/4 cup sugar

1 1/3 cup 2% Milk

1 1/2 tsp vanilla

Makes 1 quart


1.  Heat a small skillet and toast chile. Press it flat against skillet with a spatula or tongs, about 10 seconds on each side.

2. Place in a saucepan and add non-fat evaporated milk, Mexican chocolate and the semi-sweet chocolate and sugar. Heat until steaming, but do not boil.

3. Cover with a lid and let steep for 10 minutes.

4. Pour into blender until chile is pureed, add vanilla and milk.  Blend until combined and poor into a bowl, cover and place in refrigerator until completely cool.

5.  Make ice cream according to manufacturer’s directions.

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