Easy Greek Salad

Cucumber, feta cheese and tomato pieces in bowl

Feta cheese and Kala­ma­ta olives are so ver­sa­tile that I always keep them on hand.  For the most fla­vor, I try to buy  either fresh or refrig­er­at­ed olives, canned olives can taste bland but will do in a pinch.   This is the per­fect sum­mer sal­ad for lunch or din­ner.  You can add as much or as lit­tle of the ingre­di­ents as you like.  Pair it with some whole wheat pita bread and a cold glass of white wine.


12 hot house cucum­ber

1 cup cher­ry toma­toes

12 oz feta cheese

14 cup Kala­ma­ta Olives (pit­ted)


For the dress­ing:

12 lemon juice

2 tsp Extra Vir­gin Olive Oil

14 tsp oregano

2 Tbsp chives, chopped fine­ly

salt and pep­per to taste



1.  Chop cucum­bers into bite size pieces and place in a large bowl.

2.  Cut cher­ry toma­toes in half, length­wise and add to bowl.

3.  Cut olives in half, length­wise, and add to ingre­di­ents.

4.  Crum­ble feta cheese with fin­gers on top of the mix­ture.  Do this step last to pre­vent feta cheese from break­ing up too much.

5. Mix lemon juice, olive oil, oregano and chives in a small bow­el and pour over sal­ad.  Salt and pep­per to taste.

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