My Bánh Mì

Baguette, meatballsA Bánh Mì is a Viet­namese sand­wich, served on a baguette, spread with mayo and usu­al­ly filled with pâté and grilled or roast­ed pork.  Fresh cilantro, sliced jalapenos and pick­led cucum­bers, car­rots and radish give the Bánh mì its sig­na­ture fla­vor.

I’ve stayed close to the tra­di­tion­al recipe, but there are many region­al vari­a­tions, mak­ing it adapt­able to any taste.  My broth­er, who is a veg­e­tar­i­an, has a tasty recipe with tofu.

I made this a lean­er ver­sion by grind­ing up pork ten­der­loin in a food proces­sor, but you can also buy pre-ground pork meat.  Add a cold beer and you are set.




Sriracha Mayo:

23 cup may­on­naise

2 green onions, fine­ly chopped

1–3 tsp Sriracha sauce* (or oth­er hot chili sauce)

*Sriracha is a hot sauce from Thai­land.  It’s a paste made from chili pep­pers and gar­lic.


1.  Mix all ingre­di­ents in a small bowl and refrig­er­ate until ready to assem­ble sand­wich.


Pick­led veg­gies:

13 cup rice vine­gar

14 cup sug­ar

1 tsp coarse salt

5 car­rots, cut into thin match­sticks

12 hot­house cucum­ber, cut into thin slices

2 green onions, cut length­wise


1.  Whisk vine­gar, sug­ar and salt in a medi­um bowl until sug­ar and salt dis­solves.

2.  Add car­rots, green onions and cucum­ber, toss and refrig­er­ate for about an hour.

3.  Drain liq­uid before prepar­ing sand­wich.



1 lb pork ten­der­loin, grind in food proces­sor, or use pre-ground pork

14 cup basil

4 gar­lic gloves, minced

3 green onions, fine­ly chopped

1 Tbsp fish sauce

1 Tbsp Sriracha sauce

1 Tbsp sug­ar

2 tsp corn­starch

1 tsp black pep­per

1 tsp coarse salt


1.  Pre­heat oven to 300ºF.

2.  Mix all ingre­di­ents in a large bowl.  With moist­ened hands, roll meat into 1 inch meat­balls and place on bak­ing sheet.

3.  Heat large skil­let on medi­um-high and add sesame oil.  Add  half (or less) of meat­balls to allow ade­quate brown­ing and pre­vent over­crowd­ing. Turn often, and brown about 10–15 min­utes. Trans­fer to anoth­er bak­ing sheet and place in oven.  Repeat with the remain­ing meat­balls.



1 baguette, cut length­wise

1 Tbsp sesame oil

1 jalapeño, thin­ly sliced

4 cups fresh­ly washed cilantro


1.  Spread Sriracha mayo on cut sides of baguette.  Add jalapeño slices, cilantro and meat­balls.  Place pick­led veg­eta­bles on top and press sand­wich togeth­er.







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