6 Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated

Glass of Ice WaterIt can some­times be a chal­lenge to drink enough water, but with tem­per­a­tures hov­er­ing in the 90’s or even 100’s, it’s essen­tial to find ways to stay hydrat­ed.  Your body depends on water:  water helps you reg­u­late body tem­per­a­ture, it helps the kid­neys and liv­er flush out tox­ins, it car­ries nutri­ents through­out the body and it helps pre­vent con­sti­pa­tion. Yet, many peo­ple are not get­ting the amount of water nec­es­sary for their body to func­tion at its best.  It’s espe­cial­ly impor­tant that kids and the elder­ly are prop­er­ly hydrat­ed.

The Insti­tute of Med­i­cine rec­om­mends that men drink about 13 cups of water a day and women drink about 9 cups.  You may need more or less depend­ing on how active you are, tem­per­a­tures and humid­i­ty in the envi­ron­ment, your gen­der, age, if you’re ill or preg­nant and if you exer­cise.  One way you can tell you are get­ting enough flu­id is by the col­or of your urine; it should be a clear or pale yel­low col­or.


Here are some tips to help you stay hydrat­ed:

1. Wake up with water. Drink a glass of water before you have your cup of cof­fee or tea. Make it the first thing you do.

2. Keep water with you wher­ev­er you go. Pur­chase a reusable water bot­tle and keep it filled. If you don’t like tap water, get a water bot­tle with a built-in water fil­ter.

3. Have water at your desk and in your car and sip through­out the day.

4. Swap your sodas for water. You save calo­ries and mon­ey.

5. Keep it inter­est­ing. If you find plain water sim­ply too bor­ing, add a slice of lime or lemon, or try some sparkling water for the extra fizz.

6. Eat lots of fruits and veg­eta­bles, espe­cial­ly those with a high water con­tent such as water­mel­ons, can­taloupes, cel­ery sticks, toma­toes and cucum­bers.

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