Seriously? “Body Toning Pants”?

Fila has come up with the equivalent of the weird looking “Toning shoe” but this time in the form of pants.  The claims are just as shady but this time with a smaller price tag.   A pair of these “wonder” pants cost about $50 instead of the $100 + for the toning shoes.

Fila claims that the “uniquely double layered strategically placed panels compress active muscles and result in a 50% increase in muscle workouts.”
If compressing muscles caused them to work out harder just wearing tight skinny jeans would do the trick.  Besides, if this claim was true, I imagine every competitive athlete in the country would be wearing these pants and I doubt these pants would cost a mere $50.

The company also claims that these pants provide 41% more support than other leggings. Since the material seems to be thicker, more dense and fits tighter on the body- kind of like compression stockings- they may actually provide more support than regular cotton pants.  The only problem is, when you are working out and sweating heavily, the last thing you want to wear are thick constricting clothing.

Ultimately, I was unable to find any evidenced-based studies that support any of the claims Fila has made about these pants. So, my suggestion is, if you are looking to increase your muscle tone, only a healthy diet and a hard workout will do the job.

Verdict: Gimmick, don’t waste your money on these pants.

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