Tomatillo Salsa with Avocado Chunks

tomatillo salsa in a bowl

After long study ses­sions, I used to go to this tiny Mex­i­can Restau­rant called “Taque­ria” in New York City. The food is authen­tic, cheap and always crowd­ed. With each order you get tor­tilla chips with three sal­sas.  My favorite was always the tomatil­lo sal­sa with avo­ca­do chunks.

Tomatil­los look like unripe toma­toes.  They are green or yel­low in col­or and usu­al­ly enclosed in a husk.  They are a firmer in tex­ture than toma­toes and have a cit­rusy tang.  The best way to pick them is to make sure the husk is tight-fit­ting and intact with a light brown col­or. Tomatil­los, which means “lit­tle toma­toes” in Span­ish can be eat­en raw in sal­ads, or cooked in sal­sas, sauces and soups.  I think my ver­sion tastes pret­ty close to the one I had at Taque­ria.  Regard­less,  it’s deli­cious and so easy. Serve it with baked tor­tilla chips and a cold Mex­i­can Beer. ¡ Salud!


*You will need a blender or food proces­sor for this recipe.


5 medi­um-sized tomatil­los

3 gar­lic cloves, peeled

2 Jalapenos

13 cup cilantro

14 cup water

12 tsp salt

12 cup white onion, fine­ly chopped

1 medi­um-sized avo­ca­do



1. Heat large cast-iron or non­stick skil­let on medi­um heat.

2. Remove husks from the tomatil­los and rinse thor­ough­ly.  Cut each tomatil­lo in half and place in skil­let.

3.  Pierce jalapenos with a knife or tooth­pick, a few times, and add to skil­let.  Add gar­lic and let brown, about 5 min­utes. Once browned, turn tomatil­los, gar­lic and jalapenos over.

4.  Place tomatil­los and gar­lic in blender and let cool. Rough­ly chop the jalapenos and add to blender.  You can scrape the skin of the jalapenos, if you wish, or leave as is.

5.   Rough­ly chop the cilantro and add to blender.  Add water and start blend­ing.  Try not to over­mix the ingre­di­ents or it will become too soupy. Pour into a serv­ing dish.

6.  Fine­ly chop onion, place in a strain­er and rinse with cold water.  Add to sal­sa and stir until blend­ed.

7.  Last­ly, chop the avo­ca­do into small cubes and mix into sal­sa.  Add salt and serve with some baked tor­tilla chips.







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