Free Apps to Track Your Weight & Fitness Goals

Whether you’re the elec­tron­ic or the paper-and-pen type, keep­ing a food and exer­cise diary is a great way to help you lose inch­es and get in shape.  Stud­ies show that peo­ple who track their food and exer­cise habits, lose more weight and exer­cise more, than those who don’t log their progress.

To help you get start­ed with your health goals, here are some free Apps that can help you record your habits.  It doesn’t mat­ter so much which one you use, what mat­ters is that you keep track of what you do.


Adi­das miCoach: Tracks your work­outs and offers train­ing plans to help you reach your work­out goals.  Tracks dis­tance, pace, calo­ries and time elapsed among oth­er things.


Dai­ly­Burn: Food and exer­cise log.  Also pro­vides esti­mat­ed calo­rie needs, work­out plans, chal­lenges and dis­cus­sion forums.


Dai­ly Mile: Tracks your exer­cise and let’s you share your results via social media with friends and oth­er ath­letes.


Fit­day: Food and exer­cise jour­nal.  Also has dis­cus­sion forums and mood track­er to iden­ti­fy emo­tion­al trig­gers.


Fleet­ly:  Tracks your work­out progress and pro­vides work­out options.


Run­K­eep­er: Tracks your runs and let’s you share results with friends.


SparkPeo­ple: Food and Nutri­tion log, plus recipes, fit­ness pro­grams and so much more.


Lose It!  Food and exer­cise log. Let’s you set weight loss goals and pro­vides you with a calo­rie goal.  Pros: It let’s you scan the bar­codes of all foods which pro­vides the calo­rie and nutri­ent con­tent of the item.  Con: It sub­tracts the calo­ries burned from exer­cise from your calo­ries con­sumed.  You can also get sup­port by join­ing forums and  share your progress with friends.



This app is sim­i­lar to lose it. You can track food and exer­cise.  What I like about both of them is that it allows you to scan bar­codes of food items, elim­i­nat­ing the need to search for foods every time you’re adding a new food. This app also sub­tracts exer­cise burned from calo­ries.  I would pre­fer it was list­ed sep­a­rate­ly and just be a bonus.


My Pyra­mid Track­er: USDA’s food and nutri­tion log.




This is an ongo­ing list.  I will con­tin­u­ous­ly update it as I find new great apps.


If you are cur­rent­ly using a free food/exercise apps that you’d like to share, please sub­mit with com­ment below.



Burke, Lora et al. Self-Mon­i­tor­ing in Weight Loss: A Sys­tem­at­ic Review of the Lit­er­a­ture. Jour­nal of the Amer­i­can Dietet­ic Asso­ci­a­tion. (111) (2011), pp. 92–102.


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