Free Apps to Track Your Weight & Fitness Goals

Whether you’re the electronic or the paper-and-pen type, keeping a food and exercise diary is a great way to help you lose inches and get in shape.  Studies show that people who track their food and exercise habits, lose more weight and exercise more, than those who don’t log their progress.

To help you get started with your health goals, here are some free Apps that can help you record your habits.  It doesn’t matter so much which one you use, what matters is that you keep track of what you do.


Adidas miCoach: Tracks your workouts and offers training plans to help you reach your workout goals.  Tracks distance, pace, calories and time elapsed among other things.


DailyBurn: Food and exercise log.  Also provides estimated calorie needs, workout plans, challenges and discussion forums.


Daily Mile: Tracks your exercise and let’s you share your results via social media with friends and other athletes.


Fitday: Food and exercise journal.  Also has discussion forums and mood tracker to identify emotional triggers.


Fleetly:  Tracks your workout progress and provides workout options.


RunKeeper: Tracks your runs and let’s you share results with friends.


SparkPeople: Food and Nutrition log, plus recipes, fitness programs and so much more.


Lose It!  Food and exercise log. Let’s you set weight loss goals and provides you with a calorie goal.  Pros: It let’s you scan the barcodes of all foods which provides the calorie and nutrient content of the item.  Con: It subtracts the calories burned from exercise from your calories consumed.  You can also get support by joining forums and  share your progress with friends.



This app is similar to lose it. You can track food and exercise.  What I like about both of them is that it allows you to scan barcodes of food items, eliminating the need to search for foods every time you’re adding a new food. This app also subtracts exercise burned from calories.  I would prefer it was listed separately and just be a bonus.


My Pyramid Tracker: USDA’s food and nutrition log.




This is an ongoing list.  I will continuously update it as I find new great apps.


If you are currently using a free food/exercise apps that you’d like to share, please submit with comment below.



Burke, Lora et al. Self-Monitoring in Weight Loss: A Systematic Review of the Literature. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. (111) (2011), pp. 92-102.


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