Milk & Honey

Panini Milk and Honey Market is a cafe, deli and market all in one.  The space has an open and clean feel and is a great place to meet for lunch, coffee break or even breakfast (they open at 7am).

I ordered one of their delicious goat cheese, arugula and bell pepper paninis which is served on a warm and toasty ciabatta bread.  The goat cheese was warm and creamy and the veggies super fresh.

Adding to its appeal, the food is locally sourced.  I followed the “Red Goat” panino with a creamy cappuccino.  You know they take their cappuccinos seriously when the foam has the shape of a leaf!

The market sells local fruits, veggies, meats and artisanal cheeses. If I lived closer I’d probably be there everyday.  Definitely recommend.


Milk & Honey Market


Location: Mount Vernon Neighborhood First Floor of Professional Arts Building

816 Cathedral Street Baltimore, MD 21201

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