The Market at Belvedere Square

Indiviudal pie

Pulled Pork, Heirloom Tomatoes & Cilantro Pie from Neopol

This 5,400 square foot refurbished indoor market is jam-packed with goodies.  A bakery, Italian food, savory pies and even sushi can be found here.   I highly recommend Ceriello’s.  Their freshly made “muzzarella” and antipasti, such as Kalamata olives,  grilled bell peppers, artichokes and bread are fresh and delicious.   Their food is great for picnics, BBQ’s or if you don’t feel like cooking.

You can also find Atwater’s here, a bakery which can satisfy any sweet tooth.   Neopol Savory Smokery has delicious savory and sweet pies.  They also serve a big breakfast with potatoes, eggs, your choice of meat and bread.

I’ve only covered the surface here, there is so much more to taste.   Some of the foods can be a bit pricy but it’s worth it.   You can eat in or take out.


The Market


518 E. Belvedere Ave,

Baltimore, MD  21212


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