How to Calculate your Calorie Needs

You can esti­mate how many calo­ries you need per day based on your age, height, gen­der and activ­i­ty lev­el using the Har­ris Bene­dict equa­tion.   Your calo­rie needs are the amount of calo­ries you require to main­tain your cur­rent weight.

If you want to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week,  you need to sub­tract 500 -1000 calo­ries from your esti­mat­ed total dai­ly calo­ries.

You can cal­cu­late your dai­ly calo­rie needs, by using the Calo­rie Cal­cu­la­tor pro­vid­ed by the Mayo Clin­ic.

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