How to Make Hummus (Video)

HummusThis is a very basic and easy Hum­mus recipe.  If you want to make it more inter­est­ing, add your own spin by com­bin­ing any of the fol­low­ing ingre­di­ents:

chopped cilantro

chopped jalapeño

chopped chipo­tle chiles

chopped pars­ley

chopped roast­ed bell pep­pers

Zaatar (spice mix­ture)


For video click here: How to Make Hum­mus




2 cups of cooked gar­ban­zo beans

3 gar­lic cloves, peeled

12 tsp salt

13 cup tahi­ni (sesame paste)

juice of 1 lemon

14 to 12 cup of water, if need­ed

small diced toma­to, for gar­nish



1.  Place all ingre­di­ents, except for the toma­to, into a food proces­sor and mix until creamy.  If need­ed, grad­u­al­ly add water.  It should be a smooth, not-to-thick con­sis­ten­cy.

2. Gar­nish with diced toma­to and some olive oil.   Serve with baby car­rots, cucum­ber sticks or baked pita chips.

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