Vegan Food Essentials

Vegan Pantry EssentialsA well-stocked pantry can help you whip up nutri­tious meals with­out sac­ri­fic­ing taste.  Below is a list of foods that pro­vide you with the nutri­ents most veg­ans don’t get enough off and enough vari­ety to keep meals inter­est­ing.

In order to keep the ingre­di­ent list to the min­i­mum, foods are cho­sen which are close to their most nat­ur­al state.  This also means, the food requires prepa­ra­tion and cook­ing time.  But with some care­ful plan­ning, meals are a cinch. You can always add a few already pre­pared foods for those times you know you won’t have time to cook.

Black beans-for tacos, soups, nachos, bur­ri­tos, dip

Gar­ban­zo beans- dips, falafel, sal­ads, stews, soups

Firm Tofu- sand­wich­es, stir fry, pat­ties

Silken Tofu- desserts, smooth­ies

Tem­peh-sand­wich­es, sal­ads

Soy milk- bev­er­age, smooth­ies, oatmeal,baking

Veg­gie Burg­ers-great when you don’t have time to cook


Unsweet­ened Soy milk-con­tains pro­tein, more cal­ci­um than reg­u­lar milk, B12 (impor­tant for veg­ans) and many oth­er vit­a­mins and min­er­als

Almond milk- high in vit­a­min E but low in pro­tein;  smooth­ies, oat­meal, bak­ing

Nuts (almond, wal­nuts, hazel­nuts, brazil nuts and cashews)-snack, dessert, sal­ads

Flaxseeds-high in omega 3 fats, grind for smooth­ies, bak­ing

Chia seeds-high in omega 3 fats and fiber, smooth­ies, cere­al, yogurt, bak­ing

Nutri­tion­al Yeast-Great B12 source. Sprin­kle on any savory dish­es for a cheese-like fla­vor


Whole Grain Cere­al-break­fast, snack

Whole Wheat Bread-sand­wich­es

Whole wheat pita bread-sand­wich­es, chips

Brown rice-risot­to, pilaf, side dish, rice pud­ding

Whole wheat cous­cous-sal­ad, side

Quinoa-high in pro­tein, side, sal­ad, bak­ing

Corn or Whole Wheat tor­tillas-bur­ri­to, taco, chips

Whole grain pas­ta-sal­ad, pas­ta


Sea­son­al fresh veg­gies-such as kale, spinach, toma­toes, mush­rooms, avo­ca­dos–  sal­ads, casseroles, sand­wich­es, dips, pas­ta, snacks, stir fry

Frozen veg­gies- stir fry, casseroles, pas­tas

Canned crushed toma­toes-pas­ta, cur­ry, soups, lasagna


Sea­son­al fresh fruits- smooth­ies, sal­ads, snacks, bak­ing

Frozen fruits-smooth­ies, dessert, bak­ing

Dried fruits- such as figs, dates, cran­ber­ries, raisins-snacks, bak­ing, sal­ads

Unsweet­ened Apple­sauce-bak­ing, snack


Veg­an Mayo

Earth Bal­ance nondairy spread

Peanut but­ter or oth­er nut but­ter

Flaxseed oil- high in omega 3’s

Canola oil

Olive oil


Bet­ter Than Bouil­lon Veg­etable Base




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