6 Healthy Superbowl Snacks

After thanks­giv­ing, the Super­bowl is the sec­ond high­est food con­sump­tion day of the year.  Sports fans and food­ies alike look for­ward to this day of food and fun.  Why not give your heart and waist­line a time out and swap out some of the calo­rie-laden snacks with some lighter options? Score with these health­i­er options.

1. Pop­corn: Pop­corn is a whole grain, it’s high in fiber and polyphe­nols  which are antiox­i­dants and low in calo­ries.  Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop pop­corn con­tains about 4 g fiber and has only 100 calo­ries per 6 cups of pop­corn.   Avoid the reg­u­lar microwave pop­corn ver­sions which can have 3–4x as many calo­ries as the lighter ver­sions and often con­tain unhealthy trans fats.

2. Baked Tor­tilla Chips with toma­to sal­sa:  Baked tor­tilla chips have less calo­ries and 3x less fat than reg­u­lar pota­to chips.  Guilt­less Gourmet makes sev­en vari­eties of baked chips and have only 120 calo­ries per ounce serv­ing.  Or, bet­ter yet, save mon­ey and calo­ries by mak­ing your own, click HERE to see how.  Serve with toma­to sal­sa for an extra serv­ing of veg­gies.

3. Baked whole wheat Pita Chips with hum­musStacy’s Pita Chips have less calo­ries than reg­u­lar pota­to chips and half the fat.  Hum­mus is a great high pro­tein addi­tion to your chips, which will help you get full and feel fuller longer.

4. Pis­ta­chios in-shell: Pis­ta­chios are packed with antiox­i­dants, phy­tos­terols, vit­a­mins, min­er­als and heart healthy fats.  Lim­it to one serv­ing, which is one ounce or 49 ker­nels, which has about 170 calo­ries.  Stud­ies show that in-shell pis­ta­chios slows down your eat­ing, not only because you have to peel them, but also because the peeled shells pro­vide a visu­al cue about the amount you ate.

5. Peanuts in-shell: Peanuts are actu­al­ly not a nut, but a legume.   These lit­tle gems are not only pro­tein pow­er­hous­es, they are also high in nutri­ents and min­er­als.  They con­tain the same phy­to­chem­i­cal found in wine, resver­a­tol, which has been shown to be good for the heart. As with the pis­ta­chios, in-shell curbs your eat­ing.

6. Edamame: Edamame are soy­beans in a pod.  A half cup of Edamame have 10g of pro­tein, 5 g of fiber and only 120 calo­ries.  As an added bonus, they are easy to pre­pare.  Sim­ply steam and serve with a squirt of lemon and sea salt.


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