Snacks for less than 150 Calories

A healthy snack can be a great way to stave off hunger during an afternoon slump or provide needed energy before a workout.  Make sure you always include protein in your snack, it will help you feel full for longer without ruining your waistline.

Here are my top eight snacks:

1. Single serve Nonfat Greek yogurt (6 oz) with 1/4  a cup of berries and a teaspoon of agave nectar.

2. Two whole grain rice cakes with half a teaspoon of Peanut Butter and low sugar jam.

3. Single-serve low fat cottage cheese (4 oz) with a small apple.

4. Dry roasted Edamame, 1/4 cup or 3/4 cup shelled Edamame.

5. Two Part-skim mozzarella sticks.

6. One boiled egg with two slices of crisp bread such as Ryvita or Wasa bread, for a nice crunch. 

7. Fresh fruit with a handful of almonds (or other nuts).

8. Mix of dried fruit and nuts, 1/4 cup.

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