Secrets to living a healthy and long life

I recent­ly attend­ed a lec­ture by Dan Buet­tner, the author of “Lessons for Liv­ing Longer from the Peo­ple Who’ve Lived the Longest”.  Dan has trav­eled the world to find peo­ple that have lived long and healthy lives.  Some of the places he vis­it­ed were Oki­nawa, Sar­dinia and even Loma Lin­da, Cal­i­for­nia, to name just a few.  Although the peo­ple and cul­tures are so vast­ly dif­fer­ent-and he con­fessed not under­stand­ing a word of Japan­ese- he dis­cov­ered the habits of the longest liv­ing peo­ple, the cen­te­nar­i­ans.

Here’s what he dis­cov­ered:

1. Move more. This is not just time spend in the gym but dai­ly phys­i­cal activ­i­ty such as tak­ing the stairs instead of the ele­va­tor, talk­ing on the phone stand­ing up instead of sit­ting down, park­ing fur­ther away in the park­ing lot and so on.

2. Find your pur­pose in life, the rea­son why you wake up in the morn­ing.  Know­ing your pur­pose can add an extra sev­en years to your life, accord­ing to Dan Buet­tner.

3. Relax. Stress can cause chron­ic inflam­ma­tion.  Find  stress reliev­ing activ­i­ties that help you relax.  It may be a dai­ly five minute med­i­ta­tion ses­sion or a one hour yoga class, what­ev­er it is, make it a habit.

4. Eat until 80% full or “Hari hachi bu” as the Oki­nawans believe. Basi­cal­ly, it means eat until you are com­fort­ably full.

5. Eat a more plant-based diet. And when you do eat meat, enjoy it as a condi­ment, not the focus of the meal.

6. Enjoy a glass of wine. Alco­hol, in mod­er­a­tion, has been found to have heart healthy ben­e­fits.  Ide­al­ly, have it with com­pa­ny, such as Hap­py Hour.

7. Sur­round your­self with the right friends.  Healthy behav­iors are con­ta­gious, hang out with peo­ple that make you feel hap­py and good about your­self.

8. Com­mu­ni­ty. Be part of a larg­er group. The major­i­ty of cen­te­nar­i­ans belong to a faith-based com­mu­ni­ty.

9. Fam­i­ly first. Take care of your kids, aging par­ents and your com­mit­ted rela­tion­ships. You take care of them and in turn they will take care of you.

If you found this as inter­est­ing as I have and want more details check out his web­site and or book.

Live well!




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