Discover the Grilled Vegetable

Think out­side the box this 4th of July and instead of hav­ing the same olé’ coleslaw or pota­to sal­ad, exper­i­ment with your favorite veg­eta­bles.  Grilling brings out the nat­ur­al sug­ars of veg­eta­bles which caus­es them to caramelize and add a sweet and smoky fla­vor.

Which veg­eta­bles are great for the grill?
The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less.  I’m list­ing a few of my favorites to help you get start­ed.

Sum­mer Squash- cut length­wise
Mush­rooms-leave whole
Egg­plant-cut into rounds
Endives-halve length­wise through core
Fen­nel-cut thin slices
Onions- cut into slices
Pep­pers (red, green, yel­low or orange)- halve length­wise remove insides and cut into thirds
Scal­lions- leave whole

What about fruit?
Grilling fruit makes a great dessert.  Serve with a dol­lop of low-fat ice cream or hon­ey sweet­ened Greek yogurt and you will nev­er look at fruit the same way again. Here are some fruits that are great on the grill:
Pineap­ple- cut into rings
Banana- you can grill with skin or peel and cut length­wise into planks
Peach­es-cut in half and remove pit
Nec­tarines-cut in half and remove pit

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