Sporteer Armband for Smartphones

I thought I could do without another gadget for my iphone,  so I was content with carrying my smartphone in my pockets or even holding it in my hand when I was exercising.  But this got old really fast, my smartphone would fall out of my pocket or I would have to lay it on the ground and do the exercises without music, either way, annoying!  I’m not the type to buy the first thing I see, so I did some research online.  Sure enough, I came across the Sporteer Armband from pdo.

The armband is only $24.99 and comes in two different sizes, small and medium/large, which I like (because there is no such thing as one size fits all).   I also liked the fact that it has an integrated pocket for keys.  If you are an early morning or nighttime runner you are going to like the reflective material as well.  It has a full screen protector which still allows you to use the touch screen.

Added bonus, shipping is free and I got it within a couple of days.


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