What is the best time to exercise?

Should you drag yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn or should you push yourself to work out after a long day at the office? When to exercise is probably one of the most common questions I get when it comes to exercising.  And the answer may surprise you.

The best time for you to exercise is ANYTIME!



If mornings are not your thing and never have been, the likelihood of you making exercise a long-term habit (which is the goal) is unlikely. And if you are a morning person, like I am, getting yourself to exercise in the evening, when you are tired, is a losing battle.  Exercise when it’s the best time for you;  it can be in the morning, at lunchtime, in the afternoon or evening. And for people who just don’t have a “chunk” of time for one long session, I often recommend splitting up exercise sessions throughout the day, such as 10 minutes mid-morning, 10 minutes for lunch and 10 minutes in the afternoon.  Studies show that if the intensity stays the same, the benefits are equal to a single 30 minute session.

You may have heard people who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick to their routine than people who exercise in the evening. However, there is no magical time of day. This is only because it’s less likely that other appointments, such as getting groceries, meeting up with friends, or a long meeting at work, etc, will get in the way in the morning. So, if you don’t let anything get between you and your workout, there is no reason to switch your time or routine.

So, my advice is, workout at whatever time works for you!


Happy workout!



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