3 Biggest Weight-loss Mistakes

You’ve been eating right and exercising for weeks now,  yet the scale just won’t budge.  You’re getting frustrated and about to throw in the towel, it must be your slow metabolism, right? Wrong!

I hear this complaint often from clients and while it may be easier to blame your metabolism,  the truth is, it’s simply too many calories eaten.  Quiet frankly,  often the metabolism of heavier weight individuals is actually higher than with normal weight individuals.  The body is carrying more weight around and requires more strength, strength means more muscle, more muscle means a faster metabolism.

So, what exactly is the problem?  Here are the three most common weight-loss mistakes people make:


Mistake #1:  Too much of a good thing.  You have been doing all the right things, eating breakfast in the morning,  having a healthy mid-morning snack, salad for lunch, then a healthy afternoon snack, followed by a nutritious dinner. But the scale will not budge.

Solution:  You may want to look more closely at the portion sizes of what you are eating.  Having a cup of almonds as a snack, although healthy, contains about 530 calories!! A salad with too many toppings can turn a low-calorie meal into a calorie bomb.

The best way to keep track of what your eating is measuring out your food portions and tracking it with a food tracker, such as Fitnesspal, Lose it or any other food tracking device you want to use.  You will learn new portion sizes and discover a slimmer you.

Mistake #2: “Rewarding” your workout with food.  Even though it was a lousy day and you didn’t feel like working out you just finished 30 minutes on the Treadmill.  Exhausted you come home, eat a healthy dinner and as a reward for making it to the gym, you have a bowl of  ice cream after dinner.  After all you worked out and the workout will “take care” of the calories.

Well, only 1/2 cup of chocolate ice cream can have 250 calories, and we all know that no one eats 1/2 cup, right?  A 30 minute workout on the treadmill may have only burned 250 calories.    In other words, you pretty much cancelled out all that hard work you did in the gym plus some, all in just minutes…

Solution: Try to reward your workouts with non-food items, such as new workout clothes, a spa treatment or a new book.

Mistake #3: You’re drinking your calories.  Your having your pumpkin spice latte for breakfast, a coke with your lunch and a Sports drink with your workout.

While liquids may seem innocent enough, you’re not even chewing, they can be huge calorie bombs.  A 16oz iced white chocolate mocha carries 340 calories!! But even sports drinks are not guilt free, one 12 oz Gatorade “Quencher” has 200 calories!  A 20 oz coke has 240 calories.  That is a total of 780 extra calories,  and they don’t even help you feel full afterwards.

Solution:  Keep your beverages simple, coffee and tea don’t have calories but watch what you add to them.  Water is perfectly adequate for a workout under 1 hr, no need to reach for designer drinks. And if you’re still drinking regular coke, switch to water or diet drinks.



Oversized portion of raw almonds

Oversized portion of raw almonds

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