3 Biggest Weight-loss Mistakes

You’ve been eat­ing right and exer­cis­ing for weeks now,  yet the scale just won’t budge.  You’re get­ting frus­trat­ed and about to throw in the tow­el, it must be your slow metab­o­lism, right? Wrong!

I hear this com­plaint often from clients and while it may be eas­i­er to blame your metab­o­lism,  the truth is, it’s sim­ply too many calo­ries eat­en.  Qui­et frankly,  often the metab­o­lism of heav­ier weight indi­vid­u­als is actu­al­ly high­er than with nor­mal weight indi­vid­u­als.  The body is car­ry­ing more weight around and requires more strength, strength means more mus­cle, more mus­cle means a faster metab­o­lism.

So, what exact­ly is the prob­lem?  Here are the three most com­mon weight-loss mis­takes peo­ple make:


Mis­take #1:  Too much of a good thing.  You have been doing all the right things, eat­ing break­fast in the morn­ing,  hav­ing a healthy mid-morn­ing snack, sal­ad for lunch, then a healthy after­noon snack, fol­lowed by a nutri­tious din­ner. But the scale will not budge.

Solu­tion:  You may want to look more close­ly at the por­tion sizes of what you are eat­ing.  Hav­ing a cup of almonds as a snack, although healthy, con­tains about 530 calo­ries!! A sal­ad with too many top­pings can turn a low-calo­rie meal into a calo­rie bomb.

The best way to keep track of what your eat­ing is mea­sur­ing out your food por­tions and track­ing it with a food track­er, such as Fit­ness­pal, Lose it or any oth­er food track­ing device you want to use.  You will learn new por­tion sizes and dis­cov­er a slim­mer you.

Mis­take #2: “Reward­ing” your work­out with food.  Even though it was a lousy day and you didn’t feel like work­ing out you just fin­ished 30 min­utes on the Tread­mill.  Exhaust­ed you come home, eat a healthy din­ner and as a reward for mak­ing it to the gym, you have a bowl of  ice cream after din­ner.  After all you worked out and the work­out will “take care” of the calo­ries.

Well, only 12 cup of choco­late ice cream can have 250 calo­ries, and we all know that no one eats 12 cup, right?  A 30 minute work­out on the tread­mill may have only burned 250 calo­ries.    In oth­er words, you pret­ty much can­celled out all that hard work you did in the gym plus some, all in just min­utes…

Solu­tion: Try to reward your work­outs with non-food items, such as new work­out clothes, a spa treat­ment or a new book.

Mis­take #3: You’re drink­ing your calo­ries.  Your hav­ing your pump­kin spice lat­te for break­fast, a coke with your lunch and a Sports drink with your work­out.

While liq­uids may seem inno­cent enough, you’re not even chew­ing, they can be huge calo­rie bombs.  A 16oz iced white choco­late mocha car­ries 340 calo­ries!! But even sports drinks are not guilt free, one 12 oz Gatorade “Quencher” has 200 calo­ries!  A 20 oz coke has 240 calo­ries.  That is a total of 780 extra calo­ries,  and they don’t even help you feel full after­wards.

Solu­tion:  Keep your bev­er­ages sim­ple, cof­fee and tea don’t have calo­ries but watch what you add to them.  Water is per­fect­ly ade­quate for a work­out under 1 hr, no need to reach for design­er drinks. And if you’re still drink­ing reg­u­lar coke, switch to water or diet drinks.



Oversized portion of raw almonds

Over­sized por­tion of raw almonds

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