Business card from Clementine

I normally take pictures of my food but I was so excited about the meal that I forgot.

Walking into Clementine, I know immediately that I’m going to love it;  it’s casual, warm and welcoming.  It’s a place where you can enjoy a delicious meal without feeling like you have to wear stiff Sunday clothes.

The appetizers look so delicious that I decide to order two. One, the Duck Nachos, I share with my husband and the other, Escargot, is my entree.

These nachos are the best I’ve ever had. The chips are crispy and taste homemade.  The toppings include: a creamy and spicy cheese sauce, an avocado cream, sour cream, Pico de Gallo and, of course, duck.

My husband had the grilled Jerk Leg of Lamb Steak.  The meat was juicy and cooked to perfection.  A bit disappointed, the Jerk rub was more sweet than spicy, not what you would expect from a Jerk rub but still delicious.

Their website mentions that some of the ingredients for this dish come from Tortilleria Sinaloa’s Kitchen (a restaurant I must try next) and the duck is locally sourced. Love that community support!  By the way, Clementine’s meats and veggies are all locally sourced and they have  their own Charcuterie (ham, sausages and pates).

The nachos are generously sized and and would be awesome with their Wednesday Happy Hour (perhaps my next visit).

After I savor every bite and nearly lick my fingers, my order of Escargot arrives.  The Escargot are cooked in a creamy thyme sauce with chunks of Shiitake mushrooms and shallots.  To soak up the sauce, it’s served with some toast triangles. The Escargot are delicious and more than enough as an entree.

I can’t wait to go back and try their Taco Tuesday or Wednesday Happy Hour or Saturday homemade muffins ….


Highly Recommend!



5402 Harford Road

Baltimore, MD  21214



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Indiviudal pie

Pulled Pork, Heirloom Tomatoes & Cilantro Pie from Neopol

This 5,400 square foot refurbished indoor market is jam-packed with goodies.  A bakery, Italian food, savory pies and even sushi can be found here.   I highly recommend Ceriello’s.  Their freshly made “muzzarella” and antipasti, such as Kalamata olives,  grilled bell peppers, artichokes and bread are fresh and delicious.   Their food is great for picnics, BBQ’s or if you don’t feel like cooking.

You can also find Atwater’s here, a bakery which can satisfy any sweet tooth.   Neopol Savory Smokery has delicious savory and sweet pies.  They also serve a big breakfast with potatoes, eggs, your choice of meat and bread.

I’ve only covered the surface here, there is so much more to taste.   Some of the foods can be a bit pricy but it’s worth it.   You can eat in or take out.


The Market


518 E. Belvedere Ave,

Baltimore, MD  21212


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Pizza with MushroomIggies is a self-service BYOB pizza parlor.  Pizzas are thin crust and made to order.  Toppings are fresh and always offer interesting choices.  If you like more than just the everyday pizza, this is your place.  Although I like to try different toppings, I keep gravitating to the Pizza Funghi.  It’s made with a mushroom ragu, mozzarella, goat cheese and garlic!

This place is always busy but definitely worth the wait.  It has such a casual and friendly atmosphere that it’s easy to overstay your welcome. Added bonus, because there is no wait or bus staff no tipping necessary.  Instead, Iggies accepts (optional) tips for designated charities which change every month.  Paying it forward!




818 North Calvert St.

Baltimore, MD  21202

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Panini Milk and Honey Market is a cafe, deli and market all in one.  The space has an open and clean feel and is a great place to meet for lunch, coffee break or even breakfast (they open at 7am).

I ordered one of their delicious goat cheese, arugula and bell pepper paninis which is served on a warm and toasty ciabatta bread.  The goat cheese was warm and creamy and the veggies super fresh.

Adding to its appeal, the food is locally sourced.  I followed the “Red Goat” panino with a creamy cappuccino.  You know they take their cappuccinos seriously when the foam has the shape of a leaf!

The market sells local fruits, veggies, meats and artisanal cheeses. If I lived closer I’d probably be there everyday.  Definitely recommend.


Milk & Honey Market


Location: Mount Vernon Neighborhood First Floor of Professional Arts Building

816 Cathedral Street Baltimore, MD 21201

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