Discover Tai Chi & Qi Gong

What is Tai Chi? What is Qi Gong? Tai Chi, also called Tai Chi Chuan, originated in China as a martial arts. Tai Chi Chuan means Supreme Ultimate Boxing and is a slow motion meditative exercise.  It is often referred to as “meditation in motion”or “medication in motion” and helps integrate body, mind and breath into one. It is a series of controlled, slow, movements which...
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Running 101

It’s no secret I love running.  I came up with the name for my website on one of my runs in Central Park, in New York City.  Running burns more calories than many other activities, it’s great for your heart, good for your bones and all you need is a good pair of running shoes. Besides the physical benefits, running also provides valuable mental benefits.  For morning runners, it...
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How to Burn Calories by Sitting Less and Moving More

You’ve probably heard it more than once, “for better health, exercise!”  But who has the time?   You wish you could fit in the recommended 30 minutes or even one hour of exercise a day, but between family and work there isn’t enough time in the day.  It turns out you are not alone.  According to the CDC, 40% of Americans don’t exercise at all and only 11% of Americans are...
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10 Reasons Women Should Strength Train

I’ve worked out at a many different gyms and although the equipment and environment may change, one fact remains the same:  women  shy away from the weight room. Many women are still afraid of gaining huge muscles like men do.   This fear is partly unjustified. The reality is, most women don’t have the amount of testosterone necessary to build huge muscles. But there are some women...
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Walking 101

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get in shape, burn calories and improve your health.  Because walking can be done whenever and wherever,  it is also one of the most practical types of exercises to maintain for the long-term. The National Weight Control Registry, a registry which tracks the habits of over 5000 people who have successfully lost and maintained their weight loss for more than...
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