How to Hydrate during Exercise

How hydrat­ed you are dur­ing long runs or bike rides can deter­mine if you will thrive or with­er dur­ing your exer­cise ses­sion. Exer­cise caus­es your body tem­per­a­ture to increase, the extent to which depends on your exer­cise inten­si­ty, exer­cise dura­tion, the cli­mate, the clothes you are wear­ing and your meta­bol­ic rate.  In order to cool your body and low­er your body...
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What to Eat Before Working Out

After a long day at work, eat­ing a por­tion-con­trolled snack, before hit­ting the gym, may be just what you need to boost your ener­gy lev­el and keep you from overeat­ing at din­ner. If you plan to go to the gym at 6pm but had your last meal at 12 o’clock, your body is more in need of fuel than in need of an intense exer­cise ses­sion.  Plan to have your snack 2–4 hours before your...
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