My Top 5 Health Foods to Buy at Costco

Eat­ing healthy does not have to be expen­sive, with these steals, your body and your wal­let will thank you.   Besides I love these items and you’ll see why! Here are my 5 Cost­co must haves: 1. Olivia’s Organ­ics Pow­er Greens: This 16 oz triple washed con­tain­er of spinach and kale is about $5.   Oth­er gro­cery stores charge the same for half the amount.  For a quick...
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How to build a Healthy Salad

Did you know that the Bruschet­ta Chick­en sal­ad at Applebee’s has more calo­ries than a siz­zling steak and cheese? The sal­ad has an unbe­liev­able 1110 calo­ries and the steak and cheese “only” 1000 calo­ries.  To avoid adding loads of unwant­ed calo­ries on a seem­ing­ly inno­cent sal­ad, make your own by fol­low­ing  these sim­ple guide­lines. 1. Start with a vari­ety of leafy...
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How to Choose the Best Cereal

Eat­ing cere­al for break­fast can be a quick and healthy way to help you lose weight or main­tain your weight loss; but only if you choose the right cere­al! Stud­ies show that break­fast eaters are lean­er than those who do not, and are more suc­cess­ful at loos­ing weight (Nation­al Weight Con­trol Reg­istry). But with the huge num­ber of break­fast choic­es avail­able, choos­ing the right...
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Discover the Grilled Vegetable

Think out­side the box this 4th of July and instead of hav­ing the same olé’ coleslaw or pota­to sal­ad, exper­i­ment with your favorite veg­eta­bles.  Grilling brings out the nat­ur­al sug­ars of veg­eta­bles which caus­es them to caramelize and add a sweet and smoky fla­vor. Which veg­eta­bles are great for the grill? The pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less.  I’m list­ing a few of my...
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Snacks for less than 150 Calories

A healthy snack can be a great way to stave off hunger dur­ing an after­noon slump or pro­vide need­ed ener­gy before a work­out.  Make sure you always include pro­tein in your snack, it will help you feel full for longer with­out ruin­ing your waist­line. Here are my top eight snacks: 1. Sin­gle serve Non­fat Greek yogurt (6 oz) with 1⁄4  a cup of berries and a tea­spoon of agave...
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Skinny Valentine’s Chocolate Treats

What’s Valentine’s Day with­out choco­late?! Thank good­ness it’s also good for you.  This deli­cious treat is packed with flavonoids, which have been shown to reduce your risk for heart dis­ease.   But be aware, this does not apply to any olé’ choco­late.  Make sure you buy good qual­i­ty dark choco­late, which con­tains the most antiox­i­dants. Here some easy treats for you and...
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