Discover the Grilled Vegetable

Think outside the box this 4th of July and instead of having the same ole’ coleslaw or potato salad, experiment with your favorite vegetables.  Grilling brings out the natural sugars of vegetables which causes them to caramelize and add a sweet and smoky flavor. Which vegetables are great for the grill? The possibilities are endless.  I’m listing a few of my favorites to help you get...
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Vegan Food Essentials

A well-stocked pantry can help you whip up nutritious meals without sacrificing taste.  Below is a list of foods that provide you with the nutrients most vegans don’t get enough off and enough variety to keep meals interesting. In order to keep the ingredient list to the minimum, foods are chosen which are close to their most natural state.  This also means, the food requires...
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How to Be a Vegan

What do Bill Clinton, Alicia Silverstone and Fiona Apple have in common?  They’re all vegans.  It took Mr. Clinton a quadruple bypass surgery plus, a few years later, an additional visit to the heart surgeon before he decided his well-known runs to McDonald’s needed to change. There are many ways to eat a healthy diet, veganism can be one of them, if planned correctly. Why go vegan? ...
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How to Be a Vegetarian

Why become Vegetarian? People become vegetarian for a variety of reasons. You may want to become a vegetarian to improve your health, for cultural reasons, religious or ethical reasons.  Whatever your reason for choosing a plant-based diet, if planned appropriately, it can improve your health, help you lose weight and protect you against chronic diseases. What is a Vegetarian? A Vegetarian is...
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