How to build a Healthy Salad

Did you know that the Bruschetta Chicken salad at Applebee’s has more calories than a sizzling steak and cheese? The salad has an unbelievable 1110 calories and the steak and cheese “only” 1000 calories.  To avoid adding loads of unwanted calories on a seemingly innocent salad, make your own by following  these simple guidelines. 1. Start with a variety of leafy greens.  Move...
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How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

It’s the holiday season! A season for cheer, joy, family… but also regret! Regret for helping yourself to an extra portion of turkey, or cake, or ice-cream and the extra pounds associated with that. And this is exacerbated by the fact that it’s not just one holiday, it’s three! First Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year’s! This holiday season, plan ahead and get through the season without...
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Discover the Grilled Vegetable

Think outside the box this 4th of July and instead of having the same ole’ coleslaw or potato salad, experiment with your favorite vegetables.  Grilling brings out the natural sugars of vegetables which causes them to caramelize and add a sweet and smoky flavor. Which vegetables are great for the grill? The possibilities are endless.  I’m listing a few of my favorites to help you get...
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Back to Basics, Weight Loss Tips

I was recently asked by Everyday Food Magazine to write about the “Tried and True” weight loss tips; no gimmicks, no fads, only the basics!   In other words, what really works when it comes to shedding pounds?  It seems like such a simple question, right? Yet with the weight loss industry being a billion dollar business and fad diets a never-ending trend, the answer seems...
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Skinny Valentine’s Chocolate Treats

What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate?! Thank goodness it’s also good for you.  This delicious treat is packed with flavonoids, which have been shown to reduce your risk for heart disease.   But be aware, this does not apply to any ole’ chocolate.  Make sure you buy good quality dark chocolate, which contains the most antioxidants. Here some easy treats for you and your...
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