Mini Chocolate Cheesecake

For my chocoholics out there, I found another low calorie but rich tasting dessert from my new favorite Everyday Food Light Cookbook.  Each cheesecake has only 147 calories and 8 g of protein.  If you like, you can use cottage cheese in place of  ricotta cheese.  I warn you now, you will not be able to stop at just one.   Ingredients: 2 cups nonfat ricotta cheese 2 large...
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Skinny Valentine’s Chocolate Treats

What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate?! Thank goodness it’s also good for you.  This delicious treat is packed with flavonoids, which have been shown to reduce your risk for heart disease.   But be aware, this does not apply to any ole’ chocolate.  Make sure you buy good quality dark chocolate, which contains the most antioxidants. Here some easy treats for you and your...
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Chocolate Truffle Tart

This Chocolate Truffle Tart recipe is adapted from Tessa Kiros’s book Falling Cloudberries.  It’s almost flourless, very chocolaty, moist and decadent.  It’s so easy to whip up and is perfect for when you have guests coming.  You’ll even have spare time to clean the house or apartment.  I guarantee you they will love it and so will you. It’s a recipe you will make more than...
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Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

This ice cream reminds me of Jacques Torres’s spicy hot chocolate in New York City except, it’s better.  It’s lower in calories than regular ice cream and has a chocolaty, cinnamon-y flavor.  It surprises you with a slight spicy kick which comes from an unusual ingredient generally not found in ice cream- the pasilla chile. *This recipe requires an ice cream maker, but if you love ice...
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