Amaranth Porridge

Amaranth seeds may be tiny but they are nutrition powerhouses.  These tiny little seeds are a great source of protein ( 9g per 1 cooked cup) as well as contain iron, magnesium, zinc and fiber.  Unlike other grains, they also provide the essential amino acid, lysine.  Most people get enough lysine from meats, cheese, fish and eggs but if you are vegan or an athlete you should make...
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Socca, a Healthy Crepe for Vegans and Carnivores alike

I was going through my old recipes when I discovered this delicious treat.  Socca is popular in the south of France, where it’s eaten hot off the griddle with a cool glass of wine.  Besides the fact this recipe only requires 3 ingredients (not counting the salt and pepper), it’s so easy to make.  The thinner you make them, the crispier and better they taste. Makes 8 servings...
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Wheat Tortillas

I’ve tried many of my own versions of wheat tortillas, some good, some not so good but I really love this recipe from Diana Kennedy’s book The Art of Mexican Cooking. Instead of using vegetable shortening I’m using coconut oil.  The verdict is still out on the touted benefits of coconut oil, it’s been found to increase the good (HDL) as well as the bad (LDL) cholesterol but does not seem to...
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Steel-Cut Oatmeal

  People tend to shy away from steel-cut oatmeal because it takes a long time to cook,  I’m not going to tell you otherwise.  It takes about 30-40 minutes of cooking time. But on weekends or on days when you need to be more than just fueled, spend some extra time to make a breakfast that nourishes and satisfies your body from the inside out.   Eating 3/4 cup of oatmeal a day...
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