Chocolate Date Nut Bars

These beau­ties are a must-have sta­ple in your home if you crave some­thing sweet now and then and are look­ing for a healthy alter­na­tive.  They hap­pen to be gluten free and don’t require any bak­ing, you do need a food proces­sor or blender to grind up the nuts and dates.  My fam­i­ly loves these as an after­noon snack and be pre­pared to make them over and over and over again....
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Roasted Carrot Chips

We eat a lot of veg­eta­bles at home and I quick­ly get bored with mak­ing them the same olé way. This is an easy and deli­cious way to add car­rots to your fam­i­ly din­ners, kids lunch box­es or even as a snack. And let me warn you, these are going to be eat­en fast, so make a lot! Fresh­ly washed and peeled car­rots Car­rot Strips Roast­ed sweet car­rot chips   Ingre­di­ents: 1 lb...
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Frozen Banana Ice Cream with Roasted Almond

It’s as deli­cious as it sounds and the best part of it is, you don’t have to feel guilty eat­ing it. My 2 year old daugh­ter devoured it, along with my hus­band. The top­ping is from Gwyneth Paltrow’s book “It’s All Good” and it’s awe­some even on its own.

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Grilled Tofu with Cilantro Sauce

Tofu is so ver­sa­tile, low calo­rie and packed with healthy pro­tein that I’m always look­ing for new recipes.  The cilantro sauce real­ly makes the tofu stand out.  It’s also deli­cious served with grilled sum­mer squash, mush­rooms or oth­er grilled veg­eta­bles.  I mopped it up with some crusty bread, like a baguette.   Ingre­di­ents: 2 cups cilantro leaves 1⁄4 cup canola...
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Amaranth Porridge

Ama­ranth seeds may be tiny but they are nutri­tion pow­er­hous­es.  These tiny lit­tle seeds are a great source of pro­tein ( 9g per 1 cooked cup) as well as con­tain iron, mag­ne­sium, zinc and fiber.  Unlike oth­er grains, they also pro­vide the essen­tial amino acid, lysine.  Most peo­ple get enough lysine from meats, cheese, fish and eggs but if you are veg­an or an ath­lete...
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