Roasted Carrot Chips

We eat a lot of vegetables at home and I quickly get bored with making them the same ole way. This is an easy and delicious way to add carrots to your family dinners, kids lunch boxes or even as a snack. And let me warn you, these are going to be eaten fast, so make a lot! Freshly washed and peeled carrots Carrot Strips Roasted sweet carrot chips   Ingredients: 1 lb carrots 1 Tbsp canola...
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You know eating breakfast is important but putting that into practice can be a challenge.  These frittatas are your new best friend.  By making them in a muffin pan, they are portion-controlled and easy to eat on the go.  Plan ahead and make them on Sunday night and you have breakfast for the week. I used zucchini in this recipe but you can add kale, spinach, bell peppers or any...
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